Gary K. Schwartz, MD

“Dr. Laura Nasi is an internationally recognized figure in the field of integrative medicine. Her book, Cancer as a Wake-Up Call, is intended for patients and family members dealing with cancer, and is a MUST-read for medical oncologists and health professionals. This book is a welcome addition to the library of anyone interested in a holistic approach to cancer care or just simply interested in living a better and healthier life.”


Gary K. Schwartz, MD.

Chief Hematology and Oncology, Columbia University School of Medicine, New York, NY.

Donald Abrams, MD

“In Cancer as a Wake-Up Call, Dr. Nasi gifts us with and engaging and entertaining overview of wholistic cancer care. This incredible resource presents a huge amount of information in easily digestible doses with the assistance of charming illustrations, valuable Take-Home Messages and vital Practice for Healthy Living recommendations. The patient interactions and quotations from a host of international sages really help target the message. A must read for anyone living with or beyond cancer, the people that love them, and, hopefully, for their oncologists!”


Donald Abrams, MD

Chief of the Hematology-Oncology Division at San Francisco General Hospital, an integrative oncologist at the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of California San Francisco, and editor (with Andrew Weil, MD) of Integrative Oncology (Oxford University Press) 

Lorenzo Cohen, PhD

In Cancer as a Wake-Up Call, Dr. Laura Nasi guides the reader through the importance of using an integrative approach to cancer care. To have the best possible outcomes and thrive as a cancer survivor, you must focus on healing the body, mind, and spirit. Cancer as a Wake-Up Call provides valuable advice and is an evidence-based resource to help foster cancer recovery.” 

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Lorenzo Cohen, PhD

Professor and Director, Integrative Medicine Program, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas

Fritjof Capra

“In her integrative and systemic approach to cancer, oncologist Laura Nasi attends to the biological, cognitive, social, ecological, and spiritual dimensions of health and healing. Her advice on how to improve our quality of life in all these dimensions will inspire not only cancer patients but anyone desiring to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.”







Fritjof Capra, PhD

Physicist, systems theorist, and author of The Tao of Physics and other international bestselling books.

Vickie Dodd

“The first course of action after receiving a cancer diagnosis might be to eradicate the cancer cells. But that isn’t enough to address the root causes. In Cancer as a Wake-Up Call, Dr. Nasi shows us ways in which a diagnosis can be a call for change—to our behavior, our eating habits, our thinking, and our lifestyle. She offers a vast array of tips how to live well, in ways that support health, including walking and exercise, sleeping well, meditation, eating live food, and becoming more conscious generally of how we live and love”.

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Vickie Dodd

Nutritionist, Sound Frequency Therapist, Aston Kinetic Teacher