I came across this book by fate completely. I was freshly diagnosed and was perusing the non-fiction section at my local public library and this book was in the center of the shelving. Kismet. It was exactly what I needed to read after I experienced a medical team that only talked to me about the standard options. Before I even knew the book existed I told the team that I wasn’t a car at a mechanic getting a part replaced.
This book embodies that we must be treated as a whole human not just the symptoms of a disease. I absolutely appreciate the wholistic approach to understanding and figuring out what could have led to a diagnosis that jo one wants to ever get.
I suggested that my closest support people read it as well (and they have) because there is valuable life information in general about the interconnectivity of the tangible and the intangible occurrences in our lives that may affect our immune system that cannot be quantified by current medical metrics.
Upon reading some reviews, some readers may have misunderstood the main purpose of the book. This is not supposed to be a fix all or a solution to each individual case, but should be used as a guide and a tool to better understand how our body works.