J. Loscheider

Supportive book for non-medical professionals and those supporting folks recovering from cancer.

I got this because a friend was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and she continues to fight the disease. I wanted a better understanding and I realize that as I age my risk only increases.

This book challenged me in a number of ways. The author comes across as a contrarian, almost a rebel in a medical establishment that focuses on pharma rather than wholeness. To be clear, many medical professionals share a view that cancer is avoidable by modifying lifestyle, and the dichotomy is more gray than the black and white impression I get. At the same time, I am challenged to think of providing my body the best support possible to combat the unnoticed tumors that probably arise frequently and (hopefully) are defeated by my immune system.

If nothing else, this book will get you to think seriously about working less, sleeping more, exercising daily, and eating as though your body is precious.